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UC Architecture

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A quick picture tour of my own campus.

View actual file: Aronoff-20011006-IMG_0575.jpg  Aronoff: The most recent addition of the College of Design, Art, Architecture, and Planning (DAAP). This particular section of is most well known for its pastel colors and a total lack of right angles.

View actual file: Aronoff-20011006-IMG_0586.jpg  A panoramic of the same building with Crosley Tower to the left.

View actual file: CCM-20011006-IMG_0594.jpg  Some of the more classical architecture of the College Conservatory of Music (CCM). The building shown is used mainly for musical instruction.

View actual file: Crosley_Tower-20011006-IMG_0566.jpg  Crosley: Much like Stanford's tower this is perhaps the most recognizable symbol of UC. The building is the second largest building in the world constructed from a single pour of concrete. Unfortunately the stress due to the massive density is more than the ground can handle thus it is slowly sinking. The building space is used mainly for chemistry, biology, and physics laboratories; the structure is ideal for vibration sensitive experiments.

View actual file: Crosley_Tower-20011006-IMG_0571.jpg  A view from the base of Crosley.

View actual file: Deiterle-20011006-IMG_0596.jpg  Dieterle: Center of Vocal Arts of CCM.

View actual file: ERC-20011006-IMG_0605.jpg  ERC: The Engineering Research Center houses mainly laboratories researching anything from biomechanics to superconductivity. The exterior of the building is modeled after a train engine, which is even more interesting considering that the interior is modeled after a train station. The skin on the roof of the building is a layer of copper; the roof is designed to turn to copper's characteristic green color after it oxidizes for another decade or so.

View actual file: French_Hall-20011006-IMG_0604.jpg  French: The newest building of the University College.

View actual file: Geo_Physics-20011006-IMG_0576.jpg  Geo Physics: The nucleus of the Physics Department.

View actual file: McMicken_Hall-20011006-IMG_0590.jpg  McMicken: The main building of the College of Arts and Sciences.

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